Recently one of our customers migrated from an environment with several print queue’s to a centralized solution using ‘follow me printing’. Over time several users started complaining that their print jobs were not being displayed when the logged on to the printer.Instead other print jobs were visible. The problem was very inconsistent and difficult to reproduce.

In the knowledgebase of Microsoft we found an article what seemed to be our problem:


Unfortunately we were already running Windows 2008 R2, in which the problem should have been solved.

Eventually we were able to collect enough cases to open a support ticket with our print supplier. Although it was a rare problem our supplier had seen this problem before in the past and solved it by a disabling the Asynchronous RPC on the terminal servers.

Key :HKLMSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindows NTPrinters
DWORD : EnabledProtocols
Value : 6

After the registry key is added the print spooler service has to be restarted.

Since we changed the registry value “EnabledProtocols” no complaints about incorrect print jobs were reported.

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