This morning I was confronted with an email from the service desk because the Wi-Fi BYOD network authentication had been changed. All existing accounts were removed and BYOD users had to apply for a new user account.  I created a new user account and tried connecting to the existing WiFi BYOD network. Windows 8 detected my old username/password were not valided and requested the new password. Unfortunattely not only my password, but also my username had been changed.


For some reason it’s not possible to delete the username of WiFI Profile from within the GUI in Windows 8 anymore. Luckily  there are several other alternatives to delete or manage an existing WiFi profile.


With the following command it’s possible to display all saved WiFi Profiles:

Netsh wlan show networks


Next we can delete the affected WiFi profile by the following command:

Netsh wlan delete profile name=”SSID Name”


An other nice third part utility that can be uses is WiFi Profile manager 8, which can be downloaded here

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