For quite some time, I’ve been using Synology PhotoStation to manage all my family photos. Since I’m not the only user—my children also use the app—I thought it might be a good idea to set some permissions on the different folders. In general, I use three different groups: full control, read-write, and read-only. This way, my kids can access all shared family photos but can’t accidentally delete them. Setting access permissions within Synology Photos is somewhat limited, so I had to reorganize my folder structure to fulfill my needs. However, in the end, it worked out very well.

Last week, I decided to move over some additional photos and reorganize parts of my original folder structure. Thinking it would be quicker than using the web GUI, I accessed my photo share through SMB. Immediately, I noticed something wasn’t right. Folders could not be renamed, data couldn’t be moved, and so on. When I looked at the Windows ACL permissions, I noticed they were different from the permissions set in Synology Photos. In my case, most permissions were inherited from the root photos folder.

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