Apple OSX users sometimes experience an incorrect keyboard layout loaded within their Citrix session. As a result, special characters are often located in different places. The cause of this issue is that Apple has a different keyboard layout compared to Windows, leading to an Apple US-international keyboard being recognized as a Dutch keyboard in Windows.

How to identify your Apple keyboard layout by country or region

Some time ago, we conducted extensive research together with Citrix Support to investigate the cause of this issue and whether there are possibilities to change this behavior. Unfortunately, it has been found that this behavior cannot be changed through a central solution. This behavior can only be altered by making adjustments on a per OSX system basis. This guide provides detailed instructions on what needs to be adjusted.

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Last Monday, we started getting multiple reports from MacBook users experiencing an issue with their Citrix Workspace app for Mac. At first the issue wasn’t very clear to use, because everybody reported it slightly different, but soon we noticed the common thread was the resolution. Affected users somehow got a very high resolution in their Citrix session, while their local screen resolution was normal. The Citrix session didn’t seem to adopt the local screen resolution.

I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue myself, so I contacted an affected user. He had done some analyses himself and discovered a curious phenomenon. If you would ran the Citrix Workspace App setup again all seemed to be fine. A Citrix session would adopt the local screen resolution upon connection. Soon as you rebooted the MacBook, the problem suddenly returned. Reinstalling the Citrix Workspace app again made the issue disappear.

We compared the Citrix Workspace App version we were both using and noticed a small difference. The affected user was running version, I was running By the end of the day I upgraded my Citrix Workspace App to version and rebooted my MacBook hoping I would also be able to reproduce the issue. And indeed I had the issue myself 🙂

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